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What if: I want to Install Apps on the Apple TV? Is it possible?

Apple TV is a streaming device that is connected to your TV using the HDMI cable. You can then stream and watch movies, songs, live matches from the Internet and bring them to your Television Screens.

Apps on the apple tv

Mostly, the Apple TV comes with pre-installed apps so that you don’t have to wait for the downloading work. Apps like Hulu, Netflix, WatchESPN, PBS, YouTube, etc. are few of the default apps here. Now, what if I want to install more apps or something that’s missing on the smart TV? Can I install the apps just like we do on our tab or smartphones?

Adding New Apps and Functionalities on the Apple TV

The answer is – Installation is possible, but it depends on the  Apple TV model you are using.

3rd GEN or earlier versions

The answer is NO. You were not allowed to add or install new apps on the Apple TV that belonged during the 3rd generation and even the earlier version.

The 3rd GEN systems didn’t have the App Store! Lol, that was the real scene.

How could you install apps without the help of the App Store? Impossible indeed.

So, does that mean no apps were added to the TV? Definitely No. Here the developers themselves kept on updating the content lists, removing and adding new apps were completely controlled by them. You won’t know when a new app gets added to the device! By the end of the 3rd gen, this Apple-adding-content thing also got stopped.

4th GEN and 5th GEN Apple TV

Oh yeah! You can now add your favorite content and install your preferred apps for Apple TV. All the content is now in your control. Both these versions were designed during the time when Tim Cook mentioned that apps are going to be the future television.

Talking about the installation, it’s similar to installing apps on your smartphones. Even though it’s not entirely same as you do on other iOS devices.

How To: Lock Apps & Hide Videos/Photos on your Android Phone

Who doesn’t wish to have privacy in life?

We are not actually concerned about it, but maybe something more important than our lives.

Smartphone Privacy. We got so many personal stuff inside the phones these days, which ought to be safe, making it only accessible to the owner of the phone.

Lock Apps & Hide Videos/Photos on your Android Phone

It could be the images, messages, contact details, and even the bank account details. They should be kept safe with you, and I must say – we have made all these info vulnerable by setting them up on the phones. Still, phones have made many works easy, and it is even handy too. Can’t put all the blame on the phone!

What can be done?

Lock Apps & Hide Videos

Well.. there are certain app features and lock utilities that help you with keeping your phone data safe. They are given as follows:

  • Lock some particular apps, and keep the Photos & Videos hidden from others.

This is the most common one of all, and an effective one too. You can also use the Folder Lock thing and keep all your personal stuff in it, and lock it up. You can use it for desktop PCs, smartphones as well as laptops too.

  • Password, PIN or go with the Pattern.

I am pretty sure, you guys are familiar with these terms. Pattern lock or the PIN. This one is the basic security utility which is found in most of the Android phones. You could either draw a pattern or go with a 4-digit or 6-digit PIN number as per the setting offered on your phone.

  • Create a Cloud-backup that will serve the purpose. 

If you are using any locking apps like the App Lock or the Gallery Vault, then you could get the chance to save your selected items and store them in a backup Cloud. Check free app to lock photos and your important documents. The files can be also shared to the Dropbox, through which you could access the photo or the video from a remote place.

These are some of the ways in which you could keep your smartphone safe from unwanted sources. This can also work against those naughty kids who simply take your phone for playing games.

Smartphone Privacy is important and a Must. You can keep a check on this basic fundamental right by Choosing the right way out.

Line APK for Android Free Download (Latest Version)

In case if you’re still searching for a messaging app which has got a better user interface than any other and also it looks more impressive and elegant than any other messaging app then you should try out LINE app. I’m here with a guide using which you’ll get LINE APK for Android free download and I’ll also share features of LINE app which makes it better messenger than any other.

Certainly there are lots of messaging apps available these days but how to find the best among them. I know that all of your friends are on WhatsApp and they are regularly using the same but still you can recommend LINE to your friends and I’m sure all of your friends will like using this amazing free application.

Features of LINE APK for Android

I’m mentioning the features of LINE for Android APK first so that you can know what all you’re going to experience in this amazing app and why I’m recommending LINE over any other messaging app. Following are the features of LINE messaging app which offer free calls and messages feature.

As usual LINE app allows users to make free calls and send unlimited number of free text messages so that they can be in touch with all of their friends. The text messages which are sent using this messenger are delivered instantly while you can expect better (near to high definition) quality in voice and video calls. Yes, it also offer free video calls in case if your smartphone or tablet is having front facing camera.

It even provides quick notification to whatever related to you going on within the app like anyone sent you a message or calling you or share any document or picture or video. You can’t miss any moment due to these live quick notifications.

The user interface of this app is extremely elegant. You can’t expect better user interface than this app and I’m sure UI will make you addicted. The app allow users to share pictures, videos and funny emoticons and graphical stickers which are provided for free. This is how LINE app helps users to make a conversation better than before. Users can also share their current location with their friends.

LINE APK for Android free Download (Latest Version)

It creates your profile within few seconds and it also got a timeline feature where you can put on your personal information along with a profile picture. It also got accounts of famous celebrities and you’ll get their profile for free. You can start chatting with them directly within the app. This is another unique feature provided by this awesome messenger.

You can download the APK of LINE app for Android from the download link mentioned above. This link will get you latest version of LINE for Android APK.

You can use this APK file to install LINE app on any Android device and can also share this with your friends.