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What if: I want to Install Apps on the Apple TV? Is it possible?

Apple TV is a streaming device that is connected to your TV using the HDMI cable. You can then stream and watch movies, songs, live matches from the Internet and bring them to your Television Screens.

Apps on the apple tv

Mostly, the Apple TV comes with pre-installed apps so that you don’t have to wait for the downloading work. Apps like Hulu, Netflix, WatchESPN, PBS, YouTube, etc. are few of the default apps here. Now, what if I want to install more apps or something that’s missing on the smart TV? Can I install the apps just like we do on our tab or smartphones?

Adding New Apps and Functionalities on the Apple TV

The answer is – Installation is possible, but it depends on the  Apple TV model you are using.

3rd GEN or earlier versions

The answer is NO. You were not allowed to add or install new apps on the Apple TV that belonged during the 3rd generation and even the earlier version.

The 3rd GEN systems didn’t have the App Store! Lol, that was the real scene.

How could you install apps without the help of the App Store? Impossible indeed.

So, does that mean no apps were added to the TV? Definitely No. Here the developers themselves kept on updating the content lists, removing and adding new apps were completely controlled by them. You won’t know when a new app gets added to the device! By the end of the 3rd gen, this Apple-adding-content thing also got stopped.

4th GEN and 5th GEN Apple TV

Oh yeah! You can now add your favorite content and install your preferred apps for Apple TV. All the content is now in your control. Both these versions were designed during the time when Tim Cook mentioned that apps are going to be the future television.

Talking about the installation, it’s similar to installing apps on your smartphones. Even though it’s not entirely same as you do on other iOS devices.